Pocket Rogues 1.33.1 Apk Mod


Pocket Rogues 1.33.1 Apk Mod Money is a Role Playing Android game

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Dynamic action-roguelike with generation, blood and leveling. Enjoy!

Many centuries dark dungeon lured hapless travelers with their secrets and treasures. One by one, they disappeared, met true Evil, but only the grim legend heated greedy desire more and more adventurers. So why not become one of them?

Supported languages: English, Russian

Go down into the abandoned catacombs full of spawn of the abyss, to challenge them and then rob the cold corpses!

* Multiple character classes: Warrior, Archer, Wizard and Monster Hunter
* Tons of loot, monsters, and unique skills that are just waiting for someone handed them a hand!
* RPG-component: the elements of role-playing and roguelike games, the ability to fasten on anything you find, as well as strengthen your character before each raid
* Generated dungeons, items and enemies – each outing will be unique
* Full control over your character – the combat system in real time, flying in all directions, the meat and the blood. Mmmm! ..

List of changes:
1.10 (08/05/2017)

* [Gameplay] Armor is now displayed on the character (so far only armor)
* [Gameplay] Now after the floor cleaning, an arrow appears indicating the directions to the exit
* [Gameplay] The world map shows the number of open / total locations
* [Gameplay] Returned the effect of the mob level on its physical size
* [Gameplay] The descriptions of the items’ parameters became more informative (general phrases like “Normal” / “Rarely” are replaced by specific figures)
* [Gameplay] The death screen now displays the name of the current class, as well as the name of the location and the current floor
* [Characters] Added a new class – Hunter
* [Locations] The Forgotten Guardian arena has been slightly changed. Again.
* [Items] Added new armor types and replaced old ones
* [Items] Daggers that fell to the Warrior became Hunter’s weapon
* [Items] Added a unique weapon for the Hunter class (6 new daggers and 5 types of crossbow bolts)
* [Shop] The following items were removed from the initial set: “Health Bubble” and “Mana Bubble” (due to low efficiency)
* [Shop] The standard price for the “Experience Potion”
* [Balance] Corrected the indicators of some subjects, mobs and skills
* [Balance] Reduced the time that the mob becomes invulnerable after receiving damage
* [Balance] Debuffs like “Slowdown” now do not work every time, but with some chance
* [Balance] Max. The number of crystals that can drop out of the boss now depends on its level
* [Balance] Added more items for chests in arena bosses
* [Balance] The effect of armor on speed now depends on the base speed. In the inventory, the rate of impact is also displayed in percentages
* [Balance] The field of view of most mobs is extended
* [Balance] The field of view of the mobs is shifted in the direction of the view (but at a small distance they still see the back)
* [Balance] Increased the chance that the mob decides to “wander around”
* [Balance] Mobs appearing at the death of the “womb” (for example, Slug) are now starting to move after a short pause, and their physical size is slightly increased
* [Balance] Changed the principle of calculating regeneration buffs
* [Fixed] Quick access slots on the left might not be available
* [Fixed] The “Instant Step” distance now corresponds to the description
* [Fixed] Upon successful stunning with a melee attack, the debuff does not attempt to hang on an already dead target
* [Fixed] Some achievements were counted several times or not counted at all
* [Fixed] Mobs again “white” a bit after receiving damage, while they remain invulnerable
* [Fixed] Crystals after purchase could be added several times. Do not do it this way.
* [Fixed] The camera does not shake anymore when the trap attacks the container
* * The game icon is changed to an updated old one

Whats New:
UPDATE # 1.11
* [Gameplay] A daily quests system has been introduced
* [Misc] The boundaries of locations are increased so that when you approach the edge of the map, the buttons do not overlap the view
* [Misc] Minor changes in some room generation parameters
* [Misc] Some interfaces have become more “neat”
* [Misc] Added several new sounds

Pocket Rogues Apk Mod
Pocket Rogues Apk Mod

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