Spacelanders 1.6.5 Apk Mod latest


Spacelanders: 3D Sci-Fi Shooter RPG 1.6.5 Apk Mod latest is a Action Android game

Spacelanders: 3D Sci-Fi Shooter RPG is a Action android game made by TryAgain Game Studio Kft. that you can install on your android devices an enjoy !

Shoot them all, loot them all, upgrade your gear, and win the space war!

Top-down sci-fi shooter with RPG elements.

Learn new skills, equip legendary items, and prepare for battle in this roguelike scifi dungeon crawler action RPG!

With cutting-edge 3D graphics and deep gameplay, Spacelanders is a unique sci-fi action game on mobile.

It takes place in a near future where you must defend Earth from the alien invasion. You are the Hero of the Galaxy, a space trooper, the only force able to defeat the oncoming waves of alien monsters.

Spacelanders is a mix of RPG games and top-down shooting games with a sci-fi style. Take the big guns and clash with aliens who can take many forms like robots with AI and deadly giant space bugs.

Spacelanders: 3D Sci-Fi Shooter RPG Apk Mod

Key Features:
❖ Simple one-finger control;
❖ Unique heroes with epic skills;
❖ Hundreds of devastating abilities to choose from;
❖ Every dungeon and battle are different;
❖ Level-up and equip your heroes with powerful items to increase your stats;
❖ Deep and strategic hero customization;
❖ Master your tactic by strategically equipping the best weapon, armor, and drones;
❖ Clash with evil robots and deadly alien space bugs in one epic shooter game;
❖ Lot more to explore…

If you’re a fan of 3D games, sci-fi games, archer games, action RPG games, modern combat shooters, and have a hunger to slay endless hordes of monsters as you explore new worlds, then stop waiting and download Spacelanders now! The world needs heroes like you!

Spacelanders: 3D Sci-Fi Shooter RPG Apk Mod

Spacelanders: 3D Sci-Fi Shooter RPG Apk Mod

Whats New:

Boss Raid event fix


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